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Reflex Knee Specialists is a private medical practice that provides non-surgical knee treatments for a wide range of conditions that affect the knee joint. With offices in Portland, OregonBellevue, Washington; and Tempe, Arizona, our skilled medical team takes an integrative approach to treating chronic knee pain and its causes, knowing that invasive surgery isn’t always the answer.

The experienced knee specialists at Reflex focus on the individual needs of patients and offer comprehensive knee evaluations to identify the source of knee pain. Each office is equipped with advanced ultrasound technology to confirm knee conditions such as osteoarthritistendinitisligament strains, and meniscal injuries.

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To Protect & Save as Many Knees as Possible.

Your Knee Pain Relief Starts Here

Did you know that 40% of people with osteoarthritis who have irreversible structural damage to the knee joint have no symptoms?

The initial 15-20 years of OA are ‘clinically silent’, meaning people may not experience any of the typical symptoms such as stiffness, pain, or problems with motion. Anyone who played sports in high school or college (or professionally) is at high risk of knee OA 10-15 years later.  Since the peak demographic for ACL injuries is in teenagers, by the time they are in their late 20s or early 30s, 50% of them will have irreversible damage to the cartilage.

Don’t wait until the pain is affecting your lifestyle. To minimize joint damage, you should have your knee(s) evaluated before symptoms even begin. Treatments are most effective in the early stages.

Diagnostic Knee Ultrasound

Joint Fluid Therapy

Knee Bracing Systems

Ozone Joint Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

Specialized Physical Therapy for Knees

Knee Conditions We Treat

If you regularly experience knee pain, it’s crucial to seek treatment since irreversible damage occurs over time and non-surgical knee treatments are most effective in the early stages. At Reflex Knee Specialists, the team of non-surgical knee specialists offers a variety of minimally invasive treatments to manage these knee conditions and slow the progression.

Knee Arthritis

Commonly found in the knee joint, arthritis affects many aspects of daily life. While it may not be easy to live with, patients can proactively take steps to alleviate their symptoms and overcome many of the limitations associated with the condition.

Knee Tendinitis

If you’re a runner or play sports like basketball or volleyball, you’re at risk of developing patellar tendinitis. Though common, patellar tendinitis can affect your mobility and keep you from your favorite activities if left untreated.

Knee Injuries

If you suffer a knee injury at work or while playing sports, seek treatment immediately. Early intervention and treatment can reduce the risk of complications and restore your mobility.

Torn Knee Meniscus

Each year, up to 500,000 Americans experience a torn meniscus. Though common, a torn meniscus can affect your mobility and quality of life without treatment.

Knee Pain

At Reflex Knee Specialists, we consider knee replacement surgery as a last resort. Once this decision is made, patients have very few options if they continue to experience pain.

Gas Pedal Knee

Gas pedal knee is the layman's term for patellar tendinitis, a repetitive stress injury to the tendon that connects the patella (kneecap) to the tibia (shin bone).

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