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Reflex Media and Press Room

Reflex Media and Press Room

This area was created to help journalists and reporters find the most recent Reflex media, press releases, photos, and links to our resources. All photos credits-Reflex Knee Clinic. Photos may be used for press and story purposes only. If you have questions please call our direct line at 503.719.6783, we welcome interviews.

Reflex Team


At Reflex, we focus our practice on diagnosing and treating chronic knee pain. Everything we do is designed to relieve pain, improve mobility, and help our patients get back to their active life. We believe surgery is not the only option for treatment of osteoarthritis and chronic knee pain. Our goal is to reduce the number of patients who are fast-tracked into knee replacement surgery by implementing non-surgical treatments for conditions affecting the knee.

Our physicians receive specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of the knee using cutting-edge technologies such as ultrasound, fluoroscopy, viscosupplementation, PRP and Stem Cell therapy. This gives us an uncommon perspective on how alleviating knee pain enhances people’s daily lives. Dr. Russ Riggs founded Reflex Clinic — to help our patients live their best, healthiest life – free of chronic knee pain.

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