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Our Approach

The Reflex approach to knee pain treatment

At Reflex, we focus on treating chronic knee pain – from sports injuries to osteoarthritis. Everything we do is designed to relieve your pain, bring you more mobility, and help you to get back to life.


Our entire team believes that patients come first. We are devoted to providing you with meticulous care, and an ongoing and informed relationship with your doctor.

Here’s how we work

We find that our patients with the best results are participating in several of the following treatment options.

Joint fluid therapy:

  • Reflex’s joint fluid therapy treatments are administered as a series of knee injections typically over a 3-4 week period.
  • Injections are guided by cutting-edge ultrasound or fluoroscopy technology—a real-time X-ray that ensures the treatment is going directly to the affected joint.
  • Patients will typically experience pain reduction starting about 8 weeks after the injection series.
  • The results can last for several months to a full year.
  • The injections can have a compounding effect, producing better results after each additional series.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP):

  • PRP Therapy is a safe, non-surgical procedure which offers relief and healing to athletes and active individuals, who endure knee pain from overuse or a past injury.
  • It’s also been shown to be one of the most effective treatments for knee osteoarthritis.
  • This cutting-edge treatment uses platelets from a person’s own blood to accelerate healing of damaged tendons and cartilage.
  • PRP is a simple procedure, performed in less than an hour at the Reflex office.

Stem Cell Transplantation + PRP Therapy:

  • Stem cell therapy uses the body’s own regenerative mechanisms to slow down the inflammation process, and potentially heal damaged tissue through cartilage regeneration.
  • At Reflex, we take stem cells from adipose (fat) tissue, combine it with PRP and transplant them to damaged areas of the knee(s).
  • This mixture provides the optimal biologic cells and growth factors to promote cartilage repair.
  • The result is significant relief of chronic knee pain, increased mobility, and much longer-term effects than other therapies.
  • There is little down time, and most people are able to return to their job or daily activities within a day following the procedure.


  • An off-loading brace is worn for a few hours a day during weight-bearing activities.
  • While on, the brace relieves pressure on the knee joint and helps re-align the joint and surrounding leg muscles.

Physical therapy:

  • Physical Therapy (PT) can help further reduce knee pain by strengthening the muscles and ligaments surrounding the joint.
  • PT can correct misalignment due to compensation patterns and increase mobility.

Complementary services to keep you healthy.

We help you bounce back from your knee pain with a holistic approach to your healing.

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