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Jenifer Wolfe

Jennifer Wolfe

Clinical Care Operator

As a Clinic Care Operator, Jen works directly with patients by assisting the physicians with all injections, follow up appointments and new patient evaluations. She also conducts brace fittings, manages physical therapy referrals and health supplements. Jen has received specialized training in regenerative treatments such as PRP and Stem Cell Therapies. She is also responsible for tracking patient outcomes for educational and research purposes.

Jen is a native Oregonian from Ashland but went to school in California. She has her Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences from Cal State and an associate’s degree in Nutrition from City College in San Francisco. In addition to her college education, Jen has completed basic EMT training is a trained Doula.

In her free time Jen enjoys taking her dog hiking, watching movies and traveling. She recently returned from a 9-month road trip through Central America with her husband where they ate tons of delicious local cuisine and she was able to brush up on her Spanish.

“Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground.” – Theodore Roosevelt