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Tamara Webster

Tamara Webster

Clinic Manager

As the clinic manager, Tamara assists with overseeing clinic and company operations, administration and Reflex treatment programs.  She helps to foster teamwork between the administrative and clinical teams. Tamara also oversees and works to improve our physician on-boarding and credentialing process as well as trains new Reflex employees. She works closely with the Executive Director to help develop  operational plans for the company as a whole. She assists providers in all appointment types, as she started at Reflex as a Clinic Care Coordinator.

Tamara is a Northern California Native with a Bachelor’s degree in Human Physiology from the University of Oregon. She has spent her last few years, post college, in Northern California, developing medical and customer service skills to find her niche. Working in the medical field for the last few years has helped her realize she has a great passion for helping others heal. Tamara recently returned to Oregon to further explore her love for health and wellness as well as her desire to find the hidden gems of the nature.

Outside of the office, Tamara enjoys skiing, hiking and taking road trips to explore the wonders of the outdoors with her Fiancé. When she is not off exploring, Tamara enjoys spending time with her family and friends and planning future adventures.

“The mountains are calling and I must go.”- John Muir