Why Reflex?

What is unique about Reflex?

Our sole focus is to provide the most cutting-edge, evidence-based, non-surgical treatments for knee pain.

To our knowledge, there are no other medical clinics that specialize in treating a single joint. We believe that in order to be the best we must hone our expertise by focusing on a single issue – alleviating knee pain and promoting overall knee health and function without invasive surgery.

Diagnostic Ultrasound is a Game Changer.

All providers on the Reflex Knee Specialists team undergo extensive training in knee ultrasound so they are able to pinpoint the cause of pain. They are trained to identify tendon and ligament injuries/strains, meniscal tears, the level of inflammation inside the joint, and to visualize the cartilage in the knee and assess its overall health. Most clinics rely on Xray and physical exams to make a diagnosis, which provide limited information about the tissues and ligaments supporting the knee. Ultrasound assessment allows Reflex providers to make a more accurate and individualized diagnosis and treatment plan.

We leverage cutting-edge ultrasound guidance in 100% of our procedures.

Without guidance, medications injected into the knee don’t make it into the joint up to 30% of the time, even when administered by experienced providers. Ultrasound guidance provides real-time visibility into your joint for maximum accuracy and effectiveness of treatment delivery.

At Reflex, you’ll experience comprehensive care.

Our mission to alleviate your knee pain and promote knee health would be incomplete without bracing, physical therapy, and nutritional supplementation. We offer all aspects of your treatment plan under one roof and provide the resources you need to get back to life.

Individualized Treatment Plans.

We make an accurate diagnosis and create a personalized treatment plan based on your individual needs.

Our extraordinary knee pain solutions


Reflex offers joint fluid therapy, Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP), and Ozone Thearpy using the most current, non-invasive technology for treating chronic knee pain. Our goal is to help you avoid invasive, expensive, and in some cases, unnecessary surgical procedures.

We partner with you from start to finish.

From the moment, you enter Reflex, our team is completely focused on freeing you from knee pain. This individualized attention continues at every step of your appointment and follow-up care. Treating your unique situation and helping you get back to life is our primary objective.

We don’t just treat your knee pain. We listen.

Tell us what the perfect day looks like for you, and how freedom from knee pain will make it that much better. We want to help you get there.

You can ask us

Open communication will help you make the best treatment choices. We strive to educate you on the nature of your knee pain, planned diagnostic procedures, and the treatment and rehabilitation options available—as well as benefits, risks and potential complications.

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Most patients can improve their quality of life and get back to the activities they love without surgery.  The team at Reflex Knee Specialists provides personalized care plans and education so their patients are informed about non-surgical treatment options. They have offices in Portland, Oregon, Bellevue, Washington, and Tempe, Arizona, and accept Medicare and a variety of other insurance plans. Through a comprehensive knee evaluation, our specialists help patients address a variety of issues and make informed decisions. For cutting-edge knee care contact us today!