Gentle Activities to Improve Your Knee Function

Gentle Activities to Improve Your Knee Function


If you have knee pain, chances are the words ‘physical activity’ are not your favorite. Thankfully, several new studies are showing the benefits of simple ways to keep moving and improve knee function. Whether you enjoy group classes or quiet time alone, there is something for everybody!


Join the Resistance


Aquatic resistance training has been shown to improve knee function and aid in weight loss for those with mild-moderate knee Osteoarthritis (OA). In a yearlong study out of Finland, 87 women 60-68 years old underwent a 4-month aquatic resistance training. It lasted 1 hour a day, 3 times a week. The take away is, “the decrease in body mass and increase in walking speed… are enough to prevent worsening of clinical symptoms and slow or even stop the loss of cartilage which is typical finding in late-stage knee osteoarthritis.”


Take a Seat


Most people know yoga is beneficial for knee pain and those with OA. As a matter of fact, a first-time study is proving that chair yoga is also beneficial. Chair yoga is for people who are older or limited in their mobility. The study shows how chair yoga is effective in increasing knee function as well as treating the pain and symptoms associated with OA.


Take a Walk


Getting outside for a gentle walk can be a great way to keep your knees happy. Although, if the weather does not allow for it, the treadmill works too. For many people though, pain, injury, or OA can cause limping or an uneven walking gait. In the light of this, studies have repeatedly shown that by either working with a physical therapist or using an off-loading knee brace, you can decrease knee pain and increase knee function.


In the end, prevention and early intervention can be the best treatment.


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