How to Choose a Good Vitamin Supplement

Choosing the right vitamin, mineral, or nutritional supplement can be frustrating. Supplements are not all created equal – since the FDA does not regulate supplements it is hard to know exactly what you are getting. With thousands of supplements in the marketplace, some are well made, but many are not. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous vitamin companies that count on making a profit from uninformed buyers. There are no standards that require ingredients listed on the label to match what is actually in the capsules or tablets inside the bottle.


Where do I start in choosing supplements?


Education is a great place to start. Next, your journey toward optimum health starts by partnering with your trusted health-care practitioner. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a chronic medical condition, consult a doctor before purchasing or taking any dietary supplements. He or she will take your medical history, your diet, and current medications into consideration and help to prescribe a dietary and nutritional supplement program. Supplements work in conjunction with your diet and individualized fitness program to help you become your best and healthiest self.


Why pharmaceutical-grade supplements?


There are really two types of supplements: 1) off-the-shelf supplements that you can buy at any store, and 2) pharmaceutical grade supplements, which are only available through a Physician or MD. Pharmaceutical grade supplements, or NSF-GMP Certified, are tested by third-party companies for their potency to guarantee their label claim. They meet the highest standards for purity of ingredients. They are put through a rigorous examination for a full panel of solvents, heavy metals and microbial contaminants. And finally, pharmaceutical grade supplements have a high bioavailability. This means your body absorbs an optimal amount of nutrients. Better nutrient absorption means greater health benefits in fewer capsules.


By using the industry’s best manufacturers of pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements, Reflex provides our patients with the very best in quality, guaranteed. We carefully select the right supplement for your age, gender, lifestyle, and athletic goals to help you achieve top performance in all of your activities.


The Reflex team can customize a supplement program to protect your joints and aid in pain relief. Call our office at (503) 719-6783 to schedule an appointment.

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