Rebounding and Trampoline Exercises: Everything You Need to Know

Discover various rebounder exercises and how they can benefit patients. Learn more from Reflex Knee Specialists.

Exercise is often associated with cumbersome equipment, such as treadmills, bulky free weights, and complicated weightlifting machines. However, there’s one aerobic exercise that can be effective while minimalizing joint damage, and all you need to perform it is a mini trampoline. This exercise, known as rebounding, offers many benefits and can be completed in several ways. Here, the experts at Reflex Knee Specialists explain what rebounding is, the different rebounding exercises, and how you can benefit from them.


What Is Rebounding?


Rebounding is a relatively low-impact cardiovascular exercise, making it a great physical therapy exercise for someone recovering from a knee injury. Performing this type of exercise can help patients improve their overall fitness levels and increase their endurance. And since the force is about 1/6 what you’d experience from stepping on a pavement, rebounding is easy on the joints and can even help to strengthen them. Different rebounding exercises can include fast or slow jumps or a mix of jumps with aerobic stepping.


Generally safe for all ages, patients who try rebounding may find the following advantages:

  • Can help improve one’s balance, motor skills, and coordination
  • May stimulate the lymphatic system and help patients flush their bodies of toxins, bacteria, dead cells, and other waste products
  • Works various muscles of the body, including the legs, core, buttocks, and lower back
  • Aids in weight loss and other fitness goals

Different Rebounder Exercises


In addition to being able to work out at home, another reason why rebounding can be appealing is its versatility. Fitness enthusiasts can complete a variety of workouts and exercises using this one piece of equipment. Different rebounding exercises include:


Basic Jog


A good beginning exercise, the basic jog allows patients to get a good feel for the trampoline beneath them while still engaging their cardiovascular system. This exercise involves lifting the knee a few inches while pumping the arms to jog in place.


Advanced Jog


After getting the jogging form down, patients can progress to the advanced jog, which involves lifting the knees higher and at a faster rate.




Interval training is an effective exercise technique that involves alternating intense effort with a short recovery period. An interval exercise might consist of heavy jumping for 20 seconds, followed by rest for 10 seconds, and then repeating.




For even more of a workout, patients can incorporate light arm exercises with free weights into their workout. Doing this allows for a more high-intensity workout.


Safety Tips


While rebounding is considered a safe exercise technique, that doesn’t mean there isn’t some risk involved. Like all forms of exercise, individuals should take precautions to avoid injuring themselves. Before attempting to rebound, patients should speak with a licensed healthcare professional to ensure this type of exercise is appropriate for them. Other safety tips include:

  • Inspect the trampoline to ensure it is in proper working order before each use
  • Make certain the surface you are using is stable to reduce the risk of falls and other injuries
  • Place the trampoline in the center of a room, away from walls and other objects
  • Switch up the exercises and movements to avoid overusing muscles

If you experience shortness of breath, pain, dizziness, or any other warning signs, stop the exercise immediately – no matter what point of the workout you’re at.


Learn More Exercises from the Experts at Reflex Knee Specialists


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