Tips for Pain-Free Traveling

Tips for Pain-Free Traveling


Pain-free traveling is a necessity when heading out for a trip. Changing up your routine with additional walking and standing during a trip can aggravate your knees causing pain. You can prevent many common causes of knee pain while traveling by using the following simple tips; turning that dreaded flight or car ride into a great part of your vacation!


1. Prepare those Medications


Keep any pain reliever medications or supplements in a bag close by or in your carry-on if on a flight. It can be hard enough to remember to take medications at home, let alone when you’re out having fun. Set reminders on your watch or phone. If traveling for an extended period of time or over-seas, check ahead for near-by pharmacies or stock-up before you leave.


2. Make Time to Move


After sitting for long periods of time, some unwanted stiffness may occur in the knees. Road trips and long flights can make it difficult to avoid staying stationary. Planning pit stops to that roadside attraction or your favorite vacation restaurant can make getting out and moving a fun part of your trip. If you can’t get out of your seat, try to get as much leg room as possible. Grab those seats with extra leg room on the plane! Another tip for pain-free traveling is to do a few isometric exercises to keep those muscles flexing and ready for your next step.


3. Play it Cool or Turn Up the Heat


Finding a place to stay with a spa amenities can feel great for your knees after a long day of traveling. There are also many hot or cold therapies that fit easily in any travel bag and can give your knees that extra bit of comfort. At Reflex we carry Therapearls™ packs. These can be frozen or heated in a microwave and secured onto your knee for a hands-free travel buddy. Topical creams and salves are also an easy way to get some temporary relief. Ask about our all natural Reflex Anti-Inflammatory salve to take with you that next trip!


4. Bring a Travel Buddy


You want someone along the way for help with any heavy bags and an extra hand when you need it. More so, you will want your mobility device helpers! Bring a walker, travel chair, or cane if you use them. Even better, bring a knee brace, that fits under your clothes, for support while on your feet.


5. Talk to an Expert


If you are unsure what other treatments could make those summer vacations pain-free, come by for an appointment with any of our physicians today! Visit here or call to get scheduled for your initial evaluation: (503) 719-6783

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