Elaine Rybak

“I went to an orthopedic who told me there was nothing else he could do for me until the pain got worse. At that time, he would do a knee replacement. I was devastated.”


Elaine Rybak is an active person who has hiked, swam, gardened, bicycled, and cross country skied all her life. About 7 years ago, Elaine started to experience knee pain.


Before Reflex


All her life, she hiked, swam, gardened, bicycled, did yoga, cross-country skiing, and rowing. Due to her knee pain, she was unable to do any of them. “To not be able to hike or do my favorite swim -breaststroke- that was going to kill me, not just physically, but emotionally,” says Elaine. She started working with a physical therapist, Tony Rocklin, at Therapeutic Associates. He told her about the treatment options Reflex had. Tony taught her how to strengthen her legs in the right way so that she was ready for the treatment. He continued to work with her following her treatment to keep her strong.


Getting Treated at Reflex


When Elaine came into Reflex Knee Clinic, she had severe knee pain. Our knee specialists gave Elaine her first series of knee injections in 2012. She has since been treated for the past 7 years with those same injections. Elaine shared, “One thing that sealed my choice on Reflex was that the injections are guided by ultrasound. Correct placement of the fluid seemed like a critical part of the treatment to me and other places that offered fluid joint therapy did not use ultrasound for precise placement. I really have a thing about needles, but I was pretty desperate for relief and the staff helped me over that hurdle.”


“The treatments have changed everything. Right now, I can do all the sports I want to do. My hikes average 8-10 miles! It’s not just that I feel physically well, there is a joy in my life with being able to do the things I love. Thanks to everyone at Reflex. Truly, I could not be enjoying the wonderful life I have without you.”

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