Leonard Allen

Weight Training and Active Family Man
Age: 51


“For someone who has a lot of anxiety when it comes to medical procedures, Reflex supported me and helped me through the treatment process to make me feel as comfortable as possible, and the actual procedures ended up being much easier than I could have ever imagined.”


I’ve always been an active guy, but time has taken a toll. With the onset of arthritis, I continued to work through the pain, the soreness, the swelling, the spongy and rubbery feeling of my knee. My ‘fed-up’ moment occurred when I was simply trying to jog across the street to avoid oncoming traffic. Just that simple movement made my knee angry and left me unsettled. I knew I couldn’t live the life I wanted to live without taking action. I had always assumed that an operation would be my only option, but luckily, I found Reflex.


A Non-Surgical Solution


The first consultation was eye-opening. The doctors at Reflex walked through the process step by step, and explained my options. I didn’t realize how quickly knees could go from bad to worse, and hearing that I could potentially be restricted to a wheelchair within 5 years was unacceptable to hear. I committed to the injection treatments immediately.


Now, I have a whole new life. Within 2 – 3 months after the injections and knee brace, I can jump and make sharp, quick movements, which were unheard of before. It’s a miracle that there is that much movement and very little pain. I’m just a recreational athlete, and I’m shocked that this treatment is not more prominent in the athletic world.


The Injection Process


I’m the first to admit that I have a phobia of needles, and the thought of receiving the injection treatment made my skin crawl. The team at Reflex, however, was extraordinary. They walked me through each treatment, alleviated my anxiety, kept me calm, and helped me deal with my fear. The process and success of the treatments is completely worth the needles, and I plan on additional treatments in the future to continue improvement.


Reflex is not your typical medical office. The staff is relaxed, friendly, and channels an upbeat vibe each and every time. They make you feel comfortable and ensure that you understand every step of the process. I would highly recommend Reflex to people of all ages suffering from knee pain, especially athletes and people who want to live an active, healthy lifestyle without pain. Thank you Reflex for giving me my life back!

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