Ashley Willock-Dixon

Stem Cell Patient

Ashley Willock-Dixon

“My stem cell transplants gave me the ability to lose a lot of weight and become more fit again. The more weight I’ve been able to lose, the less discomfort I feel.

I am so thankful I held off on getting bilateral knee replacements!”

Before Reflex

In 1976, Ashley had a patella injury in her left knee while dismounting during a gymnastics routine. Severe bilateral knee pain onset gradually and has continued over the last thirty-plus years. She managed the pain with NSAID’s and steroid injections. Unaware of all her options, she was scheduled to have bilateral knee replacements at a different clinic. Thankfully, her partner encouraged her to seek a second opinion.

A Non-Surgical Approach

In the spring of 2016, Ashley came in for an initial evaluation. She described her pain as “sharp, grinding, aching, and tender”. At her evaluation, we scored her pain levels in each knee.

Right knee pain score – 9/10

Left knee pain score – 8/10

She was also diagnosed with grade 3 osteoarthritis in both knees.

Her treatment started shortly after her initial evaluation. First, she had one series of hyaluronic acid injections. One month later, she had one bilateral platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection. Two months after her PRP injection, she had a bilateral stem cell transplantation (8/11/16). Paired with her treatments, she took the following supplements: Phyto-4, O.N.E. Multivitamin, Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM, and used our Reflex topical salve.

A New Story to Tell…

“Dr. Riggs made no promises that stem cell would work for me… but I am walking again!” says Ashley. She is more active than ever – she is swimming, biking 15+ miles at a time, and walking the beach regularly. The stem cell therapy has given her the time and activity level needed to get back in shape. Not only that, but she has lost 45 pounds so far.

At her one-year follow up from stem cell therapy, her pain scores were updated:

Right knee pain score – 4/10 (significant improvement)

Left knee pain score – 7/10

“My hope with stem cell was to get to the point where I could get healthier for surgery. However, the outcome from my stem cell procedure has proven surgery to be less and less necessary!”

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