Osteoarthritis Symptoms

You are likely here because something is causing you knee pain and it won’t go away. Knee pain can be an indicator of many things. It is often caused by injuries, in which case the pain eventually subsides, but knee pain can also occur because of chronic degeneration of the knee joint. Often associated with arthritis of the knee, known as Osteoarthritis, pain from chronic degeneration is different from acute trauma. If you think you have any of the Osteoarthritis symptoms below you may want to take our free Osteoarthritis symptom quiz to find out.

Common symptoms of knee arthritis

Primary symptoms associated with knee arthritis include:

  • Knee aches and pain that worsens when you are active and improves when you rest
  • Stiffness, especially in the morning and when standing up
  • Localized swelling around the knee
  • Limited range of motion in the knee
  • Cracking and popping when moving the knee

As knee arthritis progresses, symptoms generally become more severe.

What else you might notice:

A feeling of crunching or grinding is usually associated with one bone grinding against another where cartilage has worn away. This is an indicator of severe Osteoarthritis. Although generally only present in older patients, even those younger than 50 years old can suffer these symptoms. Competitive athletes, people who routinely lift heavy loads, or those who have had an injury or surgery to the knee are more likely to express this symptom at a younger age.

Location of pain:

Pain on the inside of the knee is commonly caused by osteoarthritis of the joint, tears in the medial meniscus, or medial collateral ligament injuries.

Timing of pain:

Pain that occurs first thing in the morning and resolves with gentle activity is typical of early-stage osteoarthritis. At this stage, knee pain and stiffness will subside over the course of the day.

The two-hour rule:

If you are experiencing pain following physical activity, you may have overdone it. And if you have more arthritis pain two hours after you exercised than you did before, consider cutting back next time.

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