Patient Testimonials

Our patients speak about Reflex knee pain treatments

“Dr. Russell Riggs spoke at my local YMCA to mostly a senior citizen audience on knee health last Spring. I was very interested in the alternative options to surgery he offered with proactive preventative care. Not really suffering, but aware that it was a matter of time due to my age, weight and activity level when I would be a candidate for troubled knees and some sort of treatment/procedure, I booked an appointment for an exam and evaluation. Upon seeing my knees on the sonogram screen, I decided to go ahead with Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy procedure.

Today was my 6 month follow-up appointment and I am pleased to report that I am doing well with no pain or complications.

If you have ever had concerns for your knee health, go to Reflex. Dr. Riggs and his staff are proficient, professional and exceptionally considerate.”

Lori Cheng

“Both my knees were bone on bone. I was scheduled to have bilateral knee replacement until I heard about Reflex. After advanced cellular therapy, I am now walking again. I can ride my bike 15+ miles at a time, dance, and I swim 1-2 miles three times a week as a workout.”

Ashley Dixon

“Before coming to Reflex I had been in constant pain. For years I was told the only thing possible was total knee replacement. Since Reflex, I now have my life back. Next year I am entered into the Japan Fullcontact Karate Championship!”

Rupert Smith

“Before Reflex, I was told I needed knee replacement surgery. I went to Reflex to seek other treatment options, and now I am walking 20k steps a day and I am able to work in my shop unlike before.”

Stan Marshall

“Before I went to Reflex, I wasn’t able to walk long distances without severe knee pain. Sometimes knee pain interfered with my full participation in fitness classes. I do yoga, Pilates, barre 3, and strength training throughout the week, so I need my knees to work well! I’m very pleased to know that I don’t need any knee replacements yet, so I can continue with treatments at Reflex, appointments made at my convenience. Finally, I just have to say I love the staff there! Such great people!”

Frances Myers

“Four years ago, I had my inner meniscus removed and the beginning of arthritis in both knees. I was told I should not run anymore. After being an avid runner my entire life, this news was really depressing. I felt my life would not be the same. I decided to visit Reflex to see if I could get back to what I loved to do; running with my friends and staying fit. I am so happy that Reflex has fulfilled my expectations.”

Lori Luchak

“My life has changed so dramatically, that I have forgotten what it was like to take pain medication to be able to get through the day. I rediscovered what it was like to have a life without pain in my knees. I can’t thank Dr. Riggs and Reflex enough for giving me mobility without pain for the first time in 30+ years, and ultimately giving me a new life!”

Tristan Sperry

“I’m so thankful that I came to Reflex and tried this approach rather than undergoing a surgery that may or may not have worked. My pain is gone, my knee does not shift or give out on me, and I now feel that my left knee is stronger. I would highly recommend giving Reflex a “shot” prior to undergoing surgery. What do have you to lose… pain?”

Stefanie Baird

“I came to Reflex looking for a treatment for my injured knee. Now I use their injections as a preventative measure to avoid knee replacement surgery in the future. The treatments at Reflex have helped reduce the popping and clicking of my knees and have kept my knees pain free! The staff at Reflex are excellent and very helpful. I am so happy with this clinic that I have recommended Reflex to many friends and family.”

Susan Wallin

“Facing potential knee replacement diagnosis from my orthopedic, my prayers of finding an alternative solution were answered yesterday when I met Dr. Riggs who showed me how I can live a pain-free, surgery-free life. I’m relieved and thrilled.”

Glori Gail Jarvi

“For years I was plagued with knee pain so bad I could barely make it through a volleyball match. Since my injections I have been able to get back on the volleyball court and enjoy the sport I love with much less pain! Thanks so much to the staff at Reflex for helping me get back to life!”

Mike Chadwick

“When I began having problems with my right knee, I saw my doctor, a physical therapist, and was finally referred to an orthopedic surgeon who said I needed a knee replacement. Fortunately I saw the Reflex clinic on A.M. Northwest and decided to make an appointment. Everyone at the clinic is very nice and the doctors are great! I am six months into my treatment and I am only experiencing a small amount of pain. These injections definitely decreased my knee pain!”

Wendy Hudlicky

“Where my knee was crooked, loosey goosey and my gait was abnormal before, now with 2.5 months of treatment it is normal and pain free… I’ve returned to full function, yoga classes, cycling, and hiking without any discomfort.”

Beth B.

“After 20 years of constant pain in my right knee from an old sports injury and being told by other doctors that I would just have to live with it or face surgery, my knee feels better than I can ever remember it feeling. I can now do things that I never thought I would do again without pain like running, weight training and playing sports with my kids. I would highly recommend Reflex to people of all ages suffering from knee pain, especially athletes and people who want to live an active, healthy lifestyle without pain. Thank you Reflex for giving me my life back!”

Leonard Allen

“As a lifelong avid tennis player, I came to a point where I was in bad shape, and felt like there was no hope in getting rid of my knee pain. From the moment I walked in to the Reflex clinic, to the moment I left was the first time in years that I could see a light at the end of the tunnel. Since I began my Reflex treatments, I have won multiple tournaments for the National Seniors Organization, and have been recognized as a top tennis player in the Pacific Northwest. Not only has Reflex allowed me to get back on the court and do what I love, but it has given other men I play tennis with hope out there for knee pain.”

Don Megale

“I just had to tell you of my progress in one day(!) I am absolutely amazed at the difference today in the pain in my left knee. It is practically non-existent. The stiffness is nearly gone and I was able to stand and walk for a while today and yesterday–ALL without any stiffness or pain. Absolutely WONDERFUL!!”

Reflex Patient
(asked to remain anonymous)

“Six years ago I had a total knee replacement (TKR) surgery for osteoarthritis. I was bone on bone and my only option was a TKR. It was not a fun procedure and the recovery was long and not easy. I was hoping to never have to go through that procedure again ever.

I was very happy to find an alternative to surgery and within 2 days was evaluated and scheduled for my injections. Over the next 3 weeks, I began to have more flexibility in my knee and less popping. Slowly over the next 8 -10 weeks, I began to be more physically involved in my life, able to plant my summer garden, start doing more housework, less pain, and when I went on my vacation I was walking without my cane and going up and down hills unassisted.”

Nancy Borden

“Today my wife and I decided to go on a bike ride with some friends. Although 20 miles is not that big of a deal, I left the road bike home and used my big heavy mountain bike instead. It was a very hilly ride and I found myself up in the saddle a lot. I experienced NO PAIN DURING OR AFTER THE RIDE. In fact, I actually forgot I ever had a knee problem. My wife is amazed. Living pain free is my new normal.”

Reflex Patient
(asked to remain anonymous)

“The staff has been very good at working with my knees and it has always been very enjoyable to visit them. They are a great bunch! I’m still walking at 92!”

Clay Hays

“Dr. Riggs, along with Tyler and Christie have been the first team during 6 years of misery to offer me pain relief in both of my knees. For the first time in years I am seeing myself return to doing the things I like to do! Great clinic, great people.”

Bennett Rowe

“Thanks to Reflex Clinic for the x-rays of my knees and your professional opinions. It gave me the confidence I needed to take my competition to the next level!”

Mark Tipperreiter

“Today was the most unusual day, I took my dog for a walk and for the first time in 25 years I have NO PAIN in my knees. I am so thankful for Reflex Clinic, you have changed my life in ways I never thought imaginable.”

Mr. WL Hamlett

“I had my first injections by Dr. Carroll and Dr. Riggs just a short few days ago, and already I have more freedom of movement in my knees then I have had in 30 years. Thank you so much for the relief.”

Carol Rozann Ramsby

“I came to Reflex because by having horses I knew that HA works well on joints. At my three month follow-up appointment, I have to say I feel 20 years younger! I can now ride my horses, walk, and work out without the pain that made me stop living.”

Ginger Stang

“I am so filled with hope for a pain-free future. There is just no way to thank all of you enough. I am really looking forward to this process. Thank you.”

Karen E.

“I had daily pain in my knee, especially at rest, for about a year. I came to Reflex and following their recommended treatment plan my knee feels like it did 40 years ago. No more knee pain! I am more active than before coming to Reflex. Besides life and daily activities, I have begun exercising 5-6 days per week and I enjoy rowing, cycling, walking, lifting weights, and Pilates.”

Louise Nardi

“Dr. Carroll and Dr. Riggs not only help you by relieving joint pain, but my experience was that your comfort is important to them. The environment you’re in is also very relaxing, thank you Reflex!!!!!”

Tami C.

“I’ve been dealing with knee pain for 20 years and after the Reflex knee injections, the pain is gone. It’s incredible!”

Tom Carey

“These quality medical professionals take the time to listen to your concerns and explain things in a way that you can understand. What great NON-surgical solutions. Looking forward to healthy knees and walks!”

Patti Busse

“I have been coming to Reflex for a little over 2 years now. I have been following the physicians suggested treatment plans strictly and can say confidently that it has worked. I have a brace, take supplements, get HA injections, and now with PRP injections, I am able to go way longer in between treatments with absolutely no pain. I tell all of my friends and family about Reflex because I believe in what they are offering. From the friendly staff, to knowledgeable physicians anyone with knee pain would be silly to not give it a go.”

Buzz Wilcox

“I love coming into Reflex because they feel like family. They have excellent customer service, and I have never left feeling disappointed. Reflex does not feel like your typical doctor’s office. In fact, it’s quite opposite. The genuine cheerful attitude to get their patients knee pain free is apparent from the moment you walk through the door.”

Mimi Hughes

“My orthopedist insisted me on getting a knee replacement and I was almost resigned to having it done. Stairs were a huge challenge for me and after 3 years of treatment, I can use the stairs with almost no problem and expect to avoid surgery all together! This fall, I am buying a new home with stairs, something I would never have considered before coming to Reflex. Yay!”

Carol Kelly

“I came to Reflex looking for options because I was in a lot of pain and wanted to avoid another knee replacement surgery. I decided to try using an off-loading brace as recommended by the Reflex doctors, and now I am 90% pain free! My posture and stability have greatly improved, I can walk further, and I no longer have pain at night! But most importantly, my quality of life has improved and I am now happier, more confident, and independent.”

Therese Jenee

“I appreciate the help that I have received at Reflex. The staff is great and the treatment has been very helpful. No more knee pain!”

Joel Rose

“I am grateful every day that I chose to have both knees injected at the Reflex clinic. I’m 78 years old and can do things I haven’t done for over 10 years. The staff is amazing and make everyone feel special.”

Georgia Mariea, RN

“Reflex has been very helpful in reducing my knee pain and my inflammation. Before I came here it seemed like no pain reliever would touch the pain. Now I can move and life is much better!”

Vance Vilandre

“Before my treatments I was almost immobile but now I live a very active life that would not have been possible without the treatments I’ve received.”

Glenda Darnall

“I feel bionic thanks to my new friends, Dr. Russell Riggs, MD and Tyler Carey CES after they fitted me with my new OActive knee brace and injection #1!!! ”

Ronda Lindley-Bennett