Stretching & Exercise Videos

The exercises shown in the physical therapy instructional videos are not intended to treat any ailment or injury. These exercises are specifically designed as a reference for patients who are participating in the Reflex physical therapy program.

Please consult your physician or physical therapist before beginning any exercise routine. Refrain from any motion or exercise that causes you pain, and never force your body into any positions.

Foam Roller for Lower Extremities:

Calf Foam Roller

Gluteus Foam Roller

Hamstrings Foam Roller

Inner Thigh Foam Roller (side view)

Inner Thigh Foam Roller (front view)

IT Band Foam Roller

Quadriceps Foam Roller

Shins Foam Roller

Trigger Point Kit:

Trigger Point Roller Stretch

Hip Strengthening:

Adductions/ Abductions Hip Strengthening

Ball Squeeze Hip Strengthening

Clam Shells Hip Strengthening

Fondas Hip Strengthening

Standing Hip Extension Hip Strengthening

Standing Hip Extension 2

Straight Leg Raises Hip Strengthening (straight foot)

Straight Leg Raises Hip Strengthening (angled foot)

Basic Knee Stretches and Strengthening:

Heel Slide Knee Stretch

Knee Extension Knee Exercise

Patella Self Mobilizations

Sports Specific Functional Movements:

Alternating Toe Touches

Clock Lunges Dynamic Exercise

Inch Worms

Over and Under Hurdles

Prisoner Walks

Runners Touches

Side Squats with Band

Speed Skaters Band Exercise

Squat with Therapy Ball

Toe Touch Dynamic Warm Up

Hamstring Strengthening Exercises:

Chair Scoots

Hamstring Curls Hamstring Exercise

Hamstring Curls Therapy Ball

Heel Dig Hamstring Strengthening

Modified Bridge Hamstring and Core Exercise

Quick Posterior Running Kicks with Weight Hamstring Exercise

Russian Hamstring Curls Hamstring Exercise

Standing Hamstring Curls Leg Exercise

Balance Exercises:

Double Leg Squats

Single Leg Squats- Front/Side View

Single Leg Standing Squat

Single Leg Stance

Core Activation:

Prone Cobra

Alternating Arm and Leg Raises on Floor

Alternating Leg and Arm Raises on Phyiso Ball

Cat Cow

Core Exercise with Band

Plank Sequence

Side Plank Sequence

TA Activation with Leg Elevation

TA Thigh Pushes Core Exercise

Transvers Abdominis Core Exercise


Adductor Leg Stretch

Calf Stretch with Band

Gluteus Floor Stretch

Hamstring Floor Stretch

Piniformis Stretch

Pigeon Pose Stretch

Piriformis Stretch

Quad Hip Flexor Stretch

Supine Hamstring Stretch

Sitting Adductor/Butterfly Stretch

Standing Calf Stretch

Standing Quad/Hip Flexor Stretch

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