Tom Carey

Competitive Water Skier
Age: 58

Tom Carey

Tom Carey is an active person and he’s been a competitive water skier for many years. About 20 years ago, Tom had a major sports injury that required reconstruction surgery in his right knee.

“I’ve been dealing with the pain for 20 years,” Tom said. “My knee was a mess! Three years ago, an orthopedist cleaned up inside the knee. He told me I needed a total knee replacement and I wanted to put that off as long as possible.”

Tom Carey

Tom Carey with Reflex Team Member

When Tom came in to Reflex Knee Clinc, he had pretty severe pain and a decreased range of motion. The medial side of his knee had deteriorated – as a result, Tom had compensated by changing his body in a misaligned posture.

Our knee specialists gave Tom his first series of knee injections, set him up with a BioniCare brace, and taught him a series of corrective exercises to strengthen his atrophied muscles.

“The knee pain is gone!” Tom says. “To be pain free after all of this time is incredible. The actual injections went way better than I thought – I’m afraid of needles, but the doctors took my mind off of the procedure. The doctors are great and give personal attention.”

“I expect to have the best year skiing I’ve had in 10 years,” he says. Tom says the rehab with the brace and the exercises have also made a huge difference in his gait and posture.

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