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Ending Your Chronic Knee Pain Begins Here

ending your chronic knee pain begins here

We have all ignored those little signals our bodies give us from time to time, that slight pain while walking, the twinge we get in our backs every so often, just hoping the signals will go away. It can be risky to ignore those signals for long. In the case of chronic knee pain, our bodies are telling us something is not right, and its not going away on its own. We often take our knees for granted, even though they have supported us our entire lives. Every day our knees are working, absorbing impacts and pressure every time we go for a walk, take a hike, or play with our kids (or our kid’s kids.)

It is time we listened

If you have chronic knee pain, pain that does not go away for several days, its possible you have Osteoarthritis, a condition caused by the wearing down of cartilage in the knee. Maybe you have already been diagnosed and are just not sure what to do. The good news here is: if you catch the problem early, treatment can help prevent further damage of the knee and can even help you regain function. If you have put off seeking treatment, there are options besides surgery to improve function and reduce pain. Don’t let knee pain take over. Listen to those signals so you can get back to life.

These 5 simple questions can help you determine if your chronic knee pain is associated Osteoarthritis. If those signals indicate you are, you might be a good candidate for our non-surgical treatment options.


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