Individuals With Aging Knees

Life doesn't stop when knee pain starts. At Reflex, we offer non-surgical treatment options to help you:

Reduce Chronic Pain

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is one of many autoimmune diseases, which is a condition where the immune system attacks the body instead of protecting it. RA is a type of arthritis where the immune system targets the tissue lining the joints, causing an inflammatory response. Along with the knees, it almost always affects the joints in the hands and feet.

Improve Joint Mobility

Don’t let knee pain or stiffness slow you down. Reflex’s breakthrough treatments help to cushion, lubricate, and protect your knees. You’ll enjoy increased mobility and reduced pain.

Avoid Knee Replacement Surgery

Our approach supports long-lasting knee health without surgery. Our clinically-proven injection therapy can help you postpone or even avoid a knee replacement and get long-term relief.

Meet Reflex Patient Leonard Allen

After 20 years of constant pain and being told I would face surgery, my knee feels better than ever. I can now do things I never thought I would do again – like running, weight training, and playing sports with my kids. I would highly recommend Reflex to people of all ages. Thank you Reflex for giving me my life back!

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