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Don’t let knee pain hold you back

At Reflex, we offer non-surgical treatment options to help you:


Imagine being able to play your sport again – without the pain. We treat knee pain without surgery to improve your performance and keep you at the top of your game.

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Speed Up
Recovery Time

Our advanced PRP treatments draw on your body’s natural healing process to promote faster healing for sports-induced injuries.

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Fortify Against Joint Damage/Degeneration

Weight-bearing joints like your knees are at the greatest risk of damage and degeneration. Reflex leverages PRP therapy (a cutting-edge treatment once only available to elite athletes) to help promote healing and joint health in patients.

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PRP therapy is designed for athletes like you.
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Meet Reflex Patient Tom Carey
I’ve been dealing with knee pain for 20 years. My knee was a mess. But after the Reflex knee injections, the pain is gone! To be pain-free after all this time is incredible.

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