Jeffrey Lin PT, DPT

Physical Therapist

Works at:

Born and raised in Washington, Jeffrey Lin graduated in 2022 from Midwestern University, AZ. Although Jeffrey is a pianist and violinist who studied music in undergrad, he has an extensive background with exercise and physical activities including soccer, weight-lifting, break-dancing, as well as other sports and recreational activities. Jeffrey was introduced to PT first-hand from a sports contact injury in 2017, resulting in surgery for his ACL and meniscus. This sparked his interest in desiring to learn more about the human body wanting to become a physical therapist himself.

Jeffrey enjoys working with patients from all walks of life and has experience working with all kinds of orthopedic conditions. He is passionate about helping patients get back to their movement-based goals and empowering them to understand their bodies better. Jeffrey also understands the importance and value of empathy – his experience of having multiple knee injuries himself allows him a deeper understanding of his patients.

– Bellevue College, Associate of Arts and Sciences.
– Seattle Pacific University, Bachelor of Arts, Music.
– Midwestern University; Doctor of Physical Therapy.

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