Reflex Treatment Case Studies

Knee pain treatment case studies

Elaine Rybak

The treatments have changed everything. Right now, I can do all the sports I want to do. My hikes average 8-10 miles! It’s not just that I feel physically well, there is a joy in my life with being able to do the things I love.

Ashley Willock-Dixon

My stem cell transplants gave me the ability to lose a lot of weight and become more fit again. The more weight I’ve been able to lose, the less discomfort I feel.I am so thankful I held off on getting bilateral knee replacements!

John Canzano

I was told I’d need a knee replacement. But the PRP treatment I received at Reflex ended up being the greatest single move I could have made.

Taylor Peters

Thanks to Reflex, I no longer worry about what I can and cannot do because of knee pain. And, I’m always welcomed with a smile.

Leonard Allen

For someone who has a lot of anxiety when it comes to medical procedures, Reflex supported me and helped me through the treatment process to make me feel as comfortable as possible, and the actual procedures ended up being much easier than I could have ever imagined.

Brian Stone

I had a surgeon who told me that he would have to fuse the bones in my legs or amputate it.That would have ended my life – With this non-surgical treatment, I got results within 3 months and I can walk again.

Beth Buckley

My knee had been crooked, loosey-goosey with an abnormal gait before treatment. With just 2.5 months of treatment, my knee and gait are normal and I am pain free!

Tom Carey

After 20 years, my knee pain is gone! To be pain free after all of this time is incredible! I expect to have the best year skiing I’ve had in 10 years

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