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Medial Rotation Exercise


Medial Rotation Exercise to Correct for Gas Pedal Knee


  1. Begin in a seated position with both feet on the floor, and then bring the right foot up so that the right ankle is resting on top of the left thigh.  
  2. With both hands grasp the right lower leg (tibia) from above at the ankle and near the knee until the lower leg is pulled/stretched in a medial direction (towards you) with both hands. In this position your foot will point towards the ceiling.

  1. Once you have rotated the lower leg inwards as far as comfortable, use your leg muscles to hold this position and let go with your hands. Maintain the position with active contraction of your leg muscles.
  2. When exercising in the future be sure to consciously turn your right lower leg somewhat inward/medially when walking and running.
  3. Get your knees checked! Chronic knee pain from activities such as driving can often point to more serious knee issues such as Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (“runner’s knee”) or Osteoarthritis. Reflex specializes in treating only one thing – knee pain –  giving you the best expertise and diagnosis available.  Reflex has already helped thousands of patients get back to life, schedule your appointment by filling out the side bar or clicking the link below.


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