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At Reflex Knee Specialists, we consider knee replacement surgery as a last resort. Once this decision is made, patients have very few options if they continue to experience pain (which happens to 25-30% of patients after a knee replacement).  For this reason, we recommend that people with knee pain first see how well they respond to non-surgical treatments before making this irreversible decision.  Our team has helped many patients postpone or prevent the need for a total knee replacement (TKR). 

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Knee Replacement Q&A

The Reflex Knee Specialists team only recommends Total knee replacement (TKR) surgery for patients who don't respond to less-invasive, non-surgical treatments, or if their stage of joint dysfunction is so severe that non-surgical options are unlikely to be beneficial. 

Published studies have shown that 25% of people are dissatisfied following TKR, and up to 50% have residual symptoms.  Serious complications are rare (1-2%), but since there are one million TKRs performed in the U.S. every year, this represents 10,000 to 20,000 cases of postoperative complications such as infection (the hardware is then removed) or blood clots (blood thinners needed). 

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