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The FLEXX Teleconference with Dr. Jeffrey Kauffman

The Reflex team recently participated in a teleconference with orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Kauffman, who has been a principle investigator in multiple clinical research trials on chronic knee pain and osteoarthritis. He recently completed a study on Euflexxa, the active substance in Reflex’s joint fluid therapy. We discussed the Flexx Trial, which is a double-blind, randomized, saline-controlled study of the efficacy of Euflexxa for treatment of painful arthritis of the knee.

The researchers treated 293 patients with Euflexxa and 295 patients with Saline. The main outcome they studied was the change in patient’s pain score on a 50-foot walk test. They found that Euflexxa produced a highly significant difference in knee osteoarthritis pain at 26 weeks. The FLEXX extension study is in press and will report their findings after 26 weeks.

Thanks from the Reflex team to Dr. Kauffman for his time. Reflex will continue studying the latest advances in non-surgical treatment of chronic knee pain.

Greg Carroll MD
Director, Reflex Clinic