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Category Archives: Knee Function

Most Common Causes of Running Injuries

It is estimated that between 50-75% of running-related injuries are caused by overuse. You may be wondering if “overuse” simply means running too much… and that can be part of it. However, there’s a lot more to consider than just your mileage. We will go through and discuss each of the primary issues that runners […]

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Knee Injury Treatment: How to Manage the Pain and Heal

According to a 2011 Annals of Internal Medicine article, 25% of American adults suffer from frequent knee pain. This can limit work, life, and mobility. In those adults over age 50, osteoarthritis of the knee is the most frequent cause of knee pain. Adolescent athletes injure the knee joint more commonly than other joints. For these young athletes, injuries […]

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Osteoarthritis: Tips on Self-Care Strategies for Knee Pain

  Taking care of yourself when you have knee osteoarthritis (OA) also means taking care of your knee pain. Trying treatments that you enjoy and that reduce knee pain can make your everyday care something to look forward to. Whether your goal is to reduce the amount of NSAID pain relievers you take (like Ibuprofen) or […]

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Running with Arthritic Knees: It’s Actually Good for You

  A sedentary lifestyle is a known risk factor for osteoarthritis (OA). However casual running is, possibly to your surprise, a way to keep your knees healthy. Osteoarthritis is a painful disease that can keep people from staying active, despite the known benefits of keeping your knees moving. The pain of OA leads many people […]

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Gentle Activities to Improve Your Knee Function

  If you have knee pain, chances are the words ‘physical activity’ are not your favorite. Thankfully, several new studies are showing the benefits of simple ways to keep moving and improve knee function. Whether you enjoy group classes or quiet time alone, there is something for everybody!        Join the Resistance Aquatic […]

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