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Knee Bracing

Knee Bracing for Support

 Off-loading braces complement Reflex joint fluid therapy to relieve chronic knee pain. Our data clearly shows that patients who undergo joint fluid therapy and who wear their brace as instructed have superior outcomes. After your evaluation, we’ll find the right knee brace for you and your lifestyle.

Quick relief with bracing

Bracing can provide pain relief and comfort by:

  • Preventing further damage and alleviating pain
  • Decreasing the load across the joint, which can wear down the underlying knee cartilage
  • Correcting compensation patterns by realigning and stabilizing the joint
  • Promoting firing of the muscles that are the main knee stabilizers
  • Complementing joint fluid therapy
  • Relieving stiffness and swelling in the knee joints
  • Minimizing or eliminating the need for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID)

Knee bracing is a non-invasive option that is simple, safe, and clinically proven. Braces alleviate symptoms by improving your body’s alignment and gait.

How a knee brace helps your knees

Living with knee pain is not easy. The solution seems simple – just modify the way you walk so that your gait causes you less pain. Although this seems like the easiest approach, walking to accommodate your pain can actually exacerbate its cause and create new problems.

Modified walking patterns lead to weakening the muscles needed to promote proper knee joint movement. Down the road, this can lead to even more joint pain and severe osteoarthritis. To prevent this, Reflex often recommends off-loading knee braces to support the joint and reduce pain while promoting proper movement of the knee joint. The brace not only helps with alignment and corrects compensation – it also promotes the correct firing of the muscles that are the main knee stabilizers. This actually decreases the motions that contribute to joint wear and tear.

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