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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy has many benefits for treating osteoarthritis symptoms. Guided exercise with a dedicated professional makes all the difference when dealing with and treating knee pain and stiffness. Continuing to stay active is crucial during treatment because it can help increase flexibility, strengthen the muscles needed to support the proper movement of the joint, maintain range of motion, and even naturally decrease joint inflammation over time.  This is all in addition to the health benefits of being active and losing weight. Reduced weight on the joints has a significant impact on knee health.

Check out our Physical Therapy FAQs page to learn more about the importance of physical therapy in our knee pain treatment plan.

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Although activity can be great for treating symptoms, it is important to be cautious when starting any new exercise routine. Improper exercise can place harmful stress on the joints or promote improper joint function. Because of this, we recommend all of our patients partner with a qualified physical therapist to be sure their exercise routine is healthful, safe, and beneficial.

Our attention to physical therapy is key to the success of your non-surgical treatment program at Reflex

We work closely with select physical therapists to ensure you have a wide breadth of providers and programs that meet your treatment goals. We have partnerships with:

Each of these clinics has their own specialty which enables us to send you to a physical therapist that best fits your individual needs. Our physicians are sent regular updates from your physical therapist so that we can continually monitor your progress to ensure we are working with you for your best possible outcome.

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