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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy (PT) has many benefits for treating osteoarthritis symptoms. Guided exercise with a dedicated professional makes all the difference when dealing with and treating knee pain and stiffness. Continuing to stay active is crucial during treatment because it can help increase flexibility, strengthen the muscles needed to support the proper movement of the joint, maintain range of motion, and even naturally decrease joint inflammation over time.  This is all in addition to the health benefits of being active and losing weight. Reduced weight on the joints has a significant impact on knee health.

Check out our Physical Therapy FAQs page to learn more about the importance of physical therapy in our knee pain treatment plan.

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Now Available at Reflex Portland

We are excited to announce that our two top physical therapist partners have decided to join the Reflex team. This means that patients recommended physical therapy can be treated right in our Reflex clinic instead of being referred elsewhere.  The Reflex Physical Therapy program directors, Brad Simpson, and Robert Fleming have known each other for more than 15 years and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our provider team.  To learn more about their backgrounds, visit our Team page.

Currently, this new service offering is only available for our Portland clinic, but we are working towards having on-site physical therapy available at all our clinic locations by 2022.


The Reflex Physical Therapy Difference

Patients who come to Reflex for physical therapy experience:

  • The most comprehensive, evidence-based clinical evaluation
  • Entire-body scans that look at helping solve the ‘why’ around their pain
  • Video-movement analysis for purposes of education and to help track progress towards functional goals
  • Targeted manual therapy from highly-skilled manual therapy practitioners
  • Individualized treatment plans and home programs designed to progress patients towards their functional goals
  • Clearly defined treatment pathways, which follow progressive retraining strategies targeting affected body areas
  • Learned empowerment, gaining clear understandings of how to manage their conditions independently with less fear & anxiety




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