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Video Gait Analysis and Physical Therapy

Many people who experience chronic knee pain and joint osteoarthritis may not realize that their walking mechanics have dramatically changed as result of this pain. Video gait analysis is an excellent teaching tool for physical therapists to use in demonstrating to a patient exactly where their weak and tight muscles are located. These weak and tight muscles are the result of changed and unnatural gait (walking mechanics), limited physical movement, and prolonged pain patterns. These muscle issues in turn, can continue to negatively affect how your body moves.

Reflex is one of only a few locations in the greater Portland area that does a full kinetic chain VGA by a Physical Therapist.

Specialized software can help your physical therapist show you where you could be lacking motion, over-compensating, or creating abnormal walking patterns that will lead to more pain and potentially create injuries.

Video Gait AnalysisVideo can be slowed down or stopped to easily pinpoint where these walking or running changes are occurring. You therapist can then provide you with a specialized exercise program and helpful tips to address these observed weak and/or tight muscle groups. Also, video gait analysis can be used as a valuable re-assessment tool. Video analysis can be conducted again after performing specialized exercises consistently for a  period of time. The before and after videos can be compared side-by-side to demonstrate clear improvements in walking patterns.

Such knowledge is invaluable when understanding your pain and how osteoarthritis has affected your ability to live and participate in your favorite activities.

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