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What to expect at your knee injection appointment

Your doctor’s appointment should solve your problems and not add to the pain. That’s why the entire Reflex team works to make your appointment as enjoyable as possible!  All you need is 20 minutes and then you are back to your life.

So what can you expect when you come in to Reflex for an appointment?

When you first arrive, our concierge will make you a fresh cup of coffee while you fill out any necessary paperwork. Once that is completed you’ll head in to the treatment room with our exercise physiologist and physician. They’ll seat you in the treatment chair where your knees are easily accessible to the fluoroscope.

Next, they will sterilize your knee using antiseptic Chlorascrub swabs. They will cover your knee with a sterile drape then spray Ethyl-chloride to numb your skin where you will get the injection. Next, they inject Lidocaine to numb the joint itself and Omnipaque is injected using fluoroscopic guidance. Omnipaque creates a contrast on the x-ray so that the doctor can see exactly where the needle and liquid are being injected into the body, ensuring 100% accuracy for your injection.

Lastly, the Euflexxa is injected, again using fluoroscopic guidance. Scared of needles? Don’t worry; we have solutions for that too. Afterwards you will pedal for two minutes on a stationary bike, circulating the Euflexxa inside your knee joint.

That’s it!

Fast, easy, and relatively painless. There is no down time, and you can even drive yourself home, back to work, or preferably somewhere more fun.

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