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Brandon Riggs

Brandon Riggs

Strategy & Expansion

Brandon works directly with the Clinic Director to develop a vision and strategy to guide and grow our organization. He is working to develop operational plans for the company as a whole and the clinic itself that meets our company standards and goals.

Brandon graduated from the University of Utah with undergraduate degrees in Business Management, Entrepreneurship, and Piano Performance.  He has worked in a variety of organizations, from a startup with less than 10 employees to Goldman Sachs with 35,000, where he was an Analyst for 2 years.  Brandon has been involved with Reflex since 2011, and joined the team full-time in September 2017.

Outside the office, Brandon enjoys hiking, reading, playing volleyball, tennis, racquetball, and the piano. Brandon has a passion for learning and process improvement that aligns with the Reflex Vision to always “make it better.”