Physical Therapy

At Reflex Knee Clinic, our Physical Therapists care about getting you back to function with less pain and more confidence, and help you manage your body over the lifespan.  The physical therapists at Reflex have extensive years of clinical experience and adhere to evidence-based practices. All of our physical therapy sessions are 1:1 with you and your therapist; we do not utilize PT assistants or aides.   Our therapists use a combination of manual therapy and an individualized exercise program to get you moving better and help guide you toward becoming stronger and more functional.

Our Physical Therapists are trained specialists in treating the entire spectrum of musculoskeletal issues. Every PT is trained in manual therapy, to help you get moving better as you train back to function. They not only specialize in the knees, but are also experts in spine care (low back pain, thoracic and rib pain, neck pain), shoulder and arm issues, and other lower extremity (hip and ankle/foot) disorders, both conservatively and post-operatively.  Let our experienced and knowledgeable therapists get you back to life and enjoy the activities you love.  Your physical therapy evaluation with us will be an extensive evaluation of your condition and will help get you on the positive road to recovery starting on day one.

Check out our Physical Therapy FAQs page to learn more about the importance of physical therapy in our specific knee pain treatment plan.


Now Available at All Reflex Locations

Reflex Physical Therapy is available at two of our Reflex locations (Oregon & Washington), and will soon have in-house PT in Arizona.  This interdisciplinary approach allows for consistency in communication and care and better patient outcomes.

The Reflex Physical Therapy Difference

Patients who come to Reflex for physical therapy experience:

  • A comprehensive, evidence-based clinical evaluation
  • Entire-body assessment focused on helping solve the ‘why’ around their pain
  • Video-movement analysis for purposes of education and to help track progress toward functional goals
  • Targeted manual therapy from highly-skilled manual therapy practitioners
  • Individualized treatment plans and home programs designed to progress patients toward their functional goals
  • Clearly defined treatment pathways, which follow progressive retraining strategies targeting affected body areas
  • Learned empowerment, gaining a clear understanding of how to manage their conditions independently with less fear & anxiety

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